NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

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NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

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Step Four

Take Action


  • Publicise the creation of your adaptation plan and use it as an opportunity to educate and collaborate with other organisations and communities.
  • Implement your plan and develop strong governance for monitoring and evaluation of the adaptation plan.


  • Publicise adaptation plan and educate internal and external stakeholders
  • Check in on progress of with owners of actions regularly
  • Continually monitor the progress of KPIs and actions
  • Begin to scope any additional detailed projects or data requirements to enable the next round of adaptation planning.


This is where you begin to take action, and implement your new strategy. This won't always run smoothly, but this is a gradual process which develops over time. Look for collaboration, and conversation wherever you can find it both within your organisation and elsewhere.

Looking forward, concentrate on ensuring strong governance throughout implementation. This will make life easier on Step 5 when reviewing your KPIs, the implementation of the strategy and its impact.

Step Four Complete

This step is never fully complete, as a focus on climate adaptation should become a default way of working; assessing the level of acceptable risk in any action by your organisation. Your plan needs to be reviewed and monitored for effectiveness at regular intervals, so head to Step 5 to find out more.

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