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NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

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Step Five

Monitor, review and evaluate


  • Monitor, review and evaluate your plan, including the need for more site–specific assessment and linkages with external actors.


  • Monitor and Review how Adaptation Plan actions are contribuing to both local and regional risks, as well as how wider implementation and adaptation support has been developed across the organisation.


You should be monitoring your plan regularly throughout its implementation, but now is the time to review exactly how it is working, to ensure the quality and success of implementation, and the component parts, in order to create a living and impactful plan.

Define what success looks like; now define how well you are moving towards those goals. What other information, actions or resource could help, and what is holding you back? What will you build into the next iteration of your adaptation plan to improve the process?

There are a wide range of potential resources which can be utilised to monitor and review plans effectively. Climate NI has developed a short brief to address the basics and provide examples of some of the key issues to consider, based on UK, Ireland and global good practice.

Step 5 Guidance – Monitor, Review and Evaluate

In collaboration with local government and knowledge experts from across the UK and Ireland, Climate NI has also developed a first package of Monitoring Indicators for local government. This is a first iteration and will be subject to change, but provides some initial tangible examples of measures of success from an adaptation plan.

Colleagues in Adaptation Scotland have also developed some useful information on what to consider when reviewing and updating adaptation plans:

Ongoing adaptive management cycle for adaptation planning

Check out their full framework for a wide range of additional guidance:

Scotland Adapts: A Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector


Step Five Complete

This plan is the first step in a process of continual improvement, development and learning. To create as much resilience and understanding as possible, within your organisation and other organisations or communities, against the significant challenges of the decades to come. You can now return to Step 1 to develop the second iteration of your adaptation plan.