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NI Adaptation Planning Toolkit

How does it work?

This toolkit provides you with the guidance, information and resources you will need to complete the five stages of the NI Adaptation Planning Cycle, including development of a first climate change adaptation plan.

On top of regular meetings with a small 'core working group' this toolkit sets out a process for holding three large internal workshops in your organisation. The first workshop will address steps 1 and 2. Two workshops will then be undertaken for step 3.

Please note that this website is being continually developed in response to new information and user needs, so some sections may be subject to change.

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What is your role?

Each organisation should have an ‘adaptation lead’ who will co–ordinate adaptation planning:

  • Use this toolkit to guide adaptation planning work in your organisation
  • Organise and facilitate meetings, and provide secretariat for, an ‘internal’ working group; made up of representatives from as many departments as possible within your organisation.
  • Engage with elected representatives, senior management and teams across your organisation to raise awareness of climate change and secure support for climate adaptation.
  • Coordinate work between meetings, write–up findings from internal workshops and draft action plans.

The role of others in the organisation:

  • Engage across relevant departments to raise awareness of climate change and encourage climate adaptation actions
  • Be responsible for delivering and reporting climate adaptation actions to support delivery of the council’s adaptation plan
  • Support the Adaptation Lead with time and resource as required to complete the plan, including attendance to meetings and assembly of a ‘core working group’ with which to share work and receive advice.

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  • Climate Ireland Adaptation Strategy Explorer

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